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Credibility Killers - Recruiters need to know about...




How is it that some people just seem to build businesses bigger, and faster than others? 

CREDIBILITY - Either you have it or you don’t!   But don’t be dismayed…. Everyone can learn how to be a person of credibility.

In most cases it begins with becoming aware of certain credibility killers including:

  • Trying to sell too soon (Most people are so busy selling they don’t have time to let the prospect tell them why they would buy) – Learn to engage in meaningful conversation BEFORE you start selling.
  • Not staying in alignment with the dominant thought that was originally created. Example: If you contact someone regarding a product, and then when you get together they find out your real intention is to show them a business – it might go wrong….  Whatever you begin with is what you need to flow with initially
  • Trying to decide what your prospect should or shouldn’t see. Many times inexperienced distributors try to change their message for each and every prospect.  Allowing your prospect to see your companies message in its entirety is important since you never know who they know or what’s really going on in their mind.

Bottom line, there are several things that people generally do that stops them from building credibility with others.  Compounded over time this leads to a life of little or no influence.   However, with a few things adjusted, anyone can live a life of credibility. #NowYouKnow



[The following is the full transcript of this episode of Now You Know with Ryan Chamberlin. Please note that this episode, like all NYK episodes, features Ryan speaking extemporaneously–he is unscripted and unedited. Filmed in one take, Now You Know is becoming the industry go-to for team building and High Performance best practices.  Subscribe to watch and listen for free on Youtube, or iTunes.]


Hey everybody, it's Ryan Chamberlin, and welcome to today's episode. We're going to talk about a big topic today. We're going to talk about credibility killers. Been getting a lot of questions about why this person can sponsor, why that person can't seem to sponsor, and if you've ever been in the situation where you're trying to build teams, you're trying to draw people into an idea that's in their best interest, if you have a program, an opportunity, a team-building business, relationship marketing, direct sales, real estate, I can name a bunch of other different types of businesses where you have to build teams that perform, you're going to want to hear today's episode.

See, I've been around this industry for several decades now. I've worked with tons of people. I've been able to go from being someone myself that had trouble with credibility early on to being able to learn how to develop that. Before I had ever made a lot of money, before I had ever done well in the industry, there's some shifts that had to take place, and in today's world they need to happen both online and offline, so let me jump right into it.

The big word of today is credibility, and here's what I'm going to tell you. Most people in your world that are on your team, perhaps even you, are not living their lives in a way that is developing credibility, and it can be done very quickly, with the people around you. So I want to give you a few things to avoid today, which means if you do the opposite of them, you're probably going to have some great success. Now, as we move forward, everything that I teach you is going to begin to become intentional for you. You're going to begin to think about it, but I encourage you not to overthink about it.

Just embrace the principles, and let's jump right in. So I've got three things for you today. The first thing that I see individuals that are having a difficult time sponsoring or recruiting people into their teams is that they're trying to sponsor or recruit people into their teams too soon. Matter of fact, they're too busy selling what they have. They're not open to listening to what the individual needs... And again everything I'm talking about could be offline or online. Whether you're in a conversation offline or online, we've got to pay attention to what's going on.

Really what too soon means to me is that most of you having difficulty out there are not engaging in a meaningful conversation. There's not a, there's no meaningful interaction between you and the person that you're trying to recruit. You probably don't know how many kids they have. You may not know what their goals are. You may not know where they went on vacation last time. You may not know why they live where they're at, why they do what they do. There hasn't been an engaged conversation, a meaningful conversation, and therefore, because there hasn't been a meaningful conversation, there's no emotional connection and there's no real understanding of why they might even do what it is that you're going to talk to them about doing.

So, I want to challenge you to really evaluate, "Have I been jumping into the sales pitch too soon?" Doesn't mean you've got to wait a month or even a week. What it means is you have to engage in meaningful conversation before you shift over to some of the sentences that maybe your team leaders are teaching you. The title of my book Now You Know Why Some Succeed and Others Fail Using the Same System really has a lot to do with how can some people succeed with showing a presentation and others not even be able to get one book?

It's a lot of it has to do with the words they use and how they're developing credibility with the people because here's what I'm going to tell you. If you have credibility with the person you're talking to, chances are you're going to be able to get to sit down with them. If you have credibility with the person you're talking to because of the engagement, because of what you've done for them, because the interaction, because of how they feel about you, it could be new credibility, but you've got to have credibility to get them to pay attention to what it is you have to say. One thing that will cause you to not have credibility is the approach of cramming whatever it is you're selling down someone's throat.

Here's another reason why people don't have credibility in our industry or why they have difficulty, and sometimes maybe they're good at setting appointments, but they lose credibility after that point. It's something I call the dominant thought, meaning they created a dominant thought with their initial conversation that they end up not following through with in the presentation process or down the road, and you lose credibility. Meaning, perhaps you were excited about a product that you have and you were talking about that product with someone, and they wanted to hear more about it. You set a time to get with them. Instead of talking about the product, maybe you did a little bit, you spent the whole time trying to sell them on a business.

What I mean by this is you created a dominant thought and whatever that dominant thought is, you've got to follow through that, so here's a tip for you. Be careful what dominant thought you create. If you want to sit down with someone to share with them an opportunity, make sure they know why they're meeting with you. You don't want to... I mean, stay away from the nonsense of inviting people, "Hey, I just want to grab a cup of coffee with you," and then you spring some presentation on someone.

You'll lose credibility quicker than you ever, maybe even ever had it, and so we want to stay away from that nonsense. That's not the industry we want to project out there. That's not who we want to be. That's not the feelings we want to create. Hey, let's learn to shoot straight over the phone, starting to have meaningful conversation, and let's set a meaningful appointment that answers a problem they have, whether it be product or opportunity or both, that's my opinion, both answer that... Most people have a problem with both of those. We can only uncover it with meaningful conversation, so create the right dominant thought, follow through with that dominant thought, and you will find that your presentations are better, but more importantly, create the right dominant thought.

Here's the last piece I'm going to give you today that I see individuals losing credibility with time and time again. I want to tell you this, stop trying to make up your prospect's mind. Meaning, oftentimes we feel like we know who we're going to share whatever it is that we're sharing, we know the person we're going to share it with, or we've met them and we've engaged in a certain conversation and we feel like that we should cater all the information toward what we think they should hear. And although sometimes you can navigate a little bit down that path, most individuals end up depriving their prospect of seeing the full presentation and really they're kind of making a statement about their intelligence like, "Hey, if I show everything to you the way I saw it, you may not be able to make up your own mind," and you want to avoid that, ladies and gentlemen.

You want to really make sure that the full information, the full picture, that's what I want to say, the full picture of what it is that you're sharing and what you're bringing people into is on the table, they see every aspect of what's going on, they feel it the right way and let them, of course, after they've seen everything, have the choices to make as to which path or all paths that they want to pursue. When we don't do this, we really risk the fact that we don't know what's going on in their mind, we don't know what kind of decision they truly would make, and we don't know if maybe they're tired of everything they're currently dealing with and they're looking for something completely different.

So, we eliminate all of those exciting possibilities. We also don't know who they know in their circle that's looking for something that, "Hey, if we didn't show it to them in its entirety, and they didn't see it, it wouldn't have flipped the switch for them." So, I'm seeing individuals lose credibility, and in most cases, one of these three things is going wrong that I mentioned today, and they're not able to bring people onto their team. So with that, hey, grab ahold of these credibility ideas. Do the opposite of kind of what we were talking about on the negative side. Do it on the positive side. Watch your business go to the next level, and with that, now you know.



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