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Episode 9: The Right Way to Say NO

Uncategorized Jun 11, 2018


     On this episode I want to talk about your ability to say no. Your ability to say no can make you millions. This is one of the tricks of the highly productive, focus-driven, action-packed individuals that succeed above everyone else. One of the things that my mentors have taught me through the years is how to say no. Now, you also want to know how to say yes, but on this video I want to talk about how to say no, because there's so much coming at you, and my guess is you're not able to focus on what you really need to focus on.  

   Here's what we want to think about when I'm talking about the word no. What are your top three goals? What are the top three things that you want to go after with everything you got? Let's get those on paper. And then what's everything else? My guess is if you're not careful, if you don't know how to say no, you're going to get caught up into everything else and we're not going to end up focusing on our big three goals. Especially in business, especially as an entrepreneur you have a few goals inside of your business, inside of your career that are getting not done the way they need to, because you're saying yes to things that you shouldn't.      Now, I don't really want you to say no to everything. I want you to say no to almost everything, and begin to delegate, and begin to get things done without you being physically the one that has to do it. What we want to do is learn how to say no. This is probably a challenge for you if you're an entrepreneur. This is probably a challenge if you're feeling overwhelmed, and too busy, and not getting anything done, and not progressing, and not seeing your bank account go up, and not seeing the vacation time go up. You're probably not saying no enough.    

 You know, the more you get good at whatever it is that you're doing, the more people are going to ask you to do things. I mean, people want to get things done, and that's going to compound the whole idea here of you being able to say no. It's going to make it even tougher, because people that you care about are going to ask you to do things. What that is going to do is it's probably going to get you off track from getting what you really want done for your life, for your business, for your career, for your family and everything else.  

   Now, it doesn't mean that you're selfish all the time. It means you've got to prioritize your life, you've got things in full motion, so learning how to say no correctly now is the next part of this video, because it's not just about saying no. What the highly productive, highly effective, highly influential entrepreneurs do is they say no in a way where the person doesn't hear the word no, because you offer a solution. When someone says, "Hey, can you get this done?" Or, "Hey, would you like to take on this project?" Your mind doesn't immediately go to yes or no, it bounces up against what your priorities are and does it feed into those priorities, yes or no? If it fuels that, then you might want to say yes.      But if it would be a distraction, if it would cause a takeaway of time and energy from what you know you have to focus on, don't just say no, but go through your mental Rolodex and come up with a solution. Come up with a creative way to help this person accomplish what they're trying to accomplish, and maybe you'll hear about it in the 10% of your week that you can just have regular fun conversations. You'll get caught up on it, but in a way you said no without saying no, but you freed yourself up to getting done what you need to get done.    

 Ladies and gentlemen, I'm just trying to get you to think this week on this episode - It's about what are we allowing that's not ultra important to distract this from what we're telling ourselves in our subconscious that is ultra important. If you're living in a state of frustration, you're probably not progressing on the things that you know you should be progressing on. It's all about focus. There is a power in focus, and learning how to say no properly. Let's make it happen.



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