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Episode 12: The Freedom Episode

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2018


 I'm calling this the Freedom Episode.  I'm here in Bear Lake, North Carolina. I’ve just come off of a leadership retreat, a summit, where we were working with a group of entrepreneurs, so I've got a lot of things rolling through my head, but the theme is Freedom. Mr. Rockefeller said at one point in time back in the day, "I'd rather earn 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than 100% of my own efforts." And that's the theme of today's particular episode. I want to ask a few questions here that I've taken notes on, and kind of relate to you my journey just a little bit because as a young man, a little bit more than twenty-something years ago, (I'm now in my 40s, back in my 20s) I had to go through some mind shifts. Books like, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," and "Understanding the Cash Flow Quadrant," had a huge impact on me, and if you haven't read the book, go read the book because he talks about moving from the left side of the quadrant to the right, and I wanted to become a business owner. I didn't want to become an employee or just be self-employed where everything depended on me. I had a desire to be free, and that is the quality that people desire, possess, want to have if they're going to be true entrepreneurs. They are looking for freedom. They want to be able to enjoy what life has to offer while also enjoying a business. I'm going to ask you just a few questions to challenge you this week on your entrepreneurial endeavors. As you're becoming and we're becoming better entrepreneurs, we got to think different, and we want to be different. Does the business that you have own you, or do you own it? Do you oftentimes feel like, "Man, I'm owned by this thing?” I can't do anything other than this. I'm constantly stressed out," or do you own your business? As simple of a question as that is, if it's not asked on a regular basis, you'll get trapped into an ever going cycle of building something that you're going to get burned out on at some point. Here's another thought for you this particular week. Are things in place? And it comes from the first question. Ask yourself this, "Are things in place in my business where I could take a week or two off, and it'd keep going, or is it going to fall apart?" Now, I'm not suggesting that you take a week or two off. Matter of fact, when you're launching your business endeavors, oftentimes you may really run and not need to take a week or two off right away. That's not the question I'm asking - should you go ahead and take a week off -  I'm saying, "Is your business set up? Are you setting it up so that when you do take a week or two off or if you wanted to, are things are going to be in place to run without you being there?" If not, begin to think this way.  Begin to build a team around your business so that things can be in place, so that you can come up to the mountains with virtually no cell service practically up here, and your business continue to run the way that mine runs as well, and the way many successful entrepreneurs, it's one of the ways that they think so they have a lifestyle and not just a way to make a lot of money and regret that they didn't have a lifestyle in the process. The last question I'm going to ask you on this week's episode is this. What are you doing about it? What are you really doing about the things that I've just said, and as an entrepreneur, there is some things you can do about it. What are you reading to improve the way you think about this so that over the next year or two, you begin to make slight shifts that make a big difference in your business, as an entrepreneur, as you become better? Who are you coaching with? Who is your coach? Who are you bouncing ideas off of? Who are you working with and stretching your mind, and who are you modeling after? What are you doing about it? Those are the three things, reading, coaching, modeling. Who are you saying, "That's the kind of business I want to be like, and I want to begin to put things in place," because there are great models out there for you, and there are great methods by which you could take your business and your life to another level.  So with that, freedom is the theme here. Let's get free together. Let's be better entrepreneurs and let's take our life and our businesses to a whole other level. 




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