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Episode 11: What is it costing you to mow your lawn?

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2018


What’s it costing you to mow your lawn?

I mean, what is it really costing you? Now this video is not about mowing your lawn, but you've got to get ahold of this concept and begin to think about areas of your life that are costing you because you're still doing things that you don't like to do. 

For me, I used to hate mowing my lawn. I did it for several years after I graduated high school. When I became a homeowner and a new husband I mowed my lawn. One time, I had just gotten my lawn mower out of the actual repair shop. It was a little riding mower. I lived on about a third of an acre, maybe a half of an acre, and I'm out mowing this lawn and I'm frustrated with it, I couldn't stand doing it. The whole time I'm riding on this lawn, now I wasn't making but maybe $10 an hour at that time in my life, but I'm thinking to myself, man I can't stand doing this. What would it cost to pay somebody? At the time it might have been $25 or $30 to mow that small little yard but it was costing me about two or three hours of my life. Even at the low amount of money I was making, I could have actually been working a job that I enjoyed or doing a project I enjoyed to make $30 and let someone mow my lawn rather than me mowing it, hating what I was doing, for the same exact $30. I was basically trading my time for 30 bucks. Now in that example, I was one of those guys who couldn't stand mowing their lawn. Some people love mowing their lawn. It could be something else you do, maybe laundry, maybe it's painting around the house, maybe it's organizing something. Maybe it's a menial task, whatever they are, that you can't stand to do, but you find yourself doing it over and over again. I want to ask you again, what is it costing you to do those things? In my case, it's not about the dollars and in your case it's not about the dollars. It's about the hours. I began to think in terms of - what if in these types of task in my life I didn't just take off and relax and sit out in a chair with a glass of lemonade watching someone mow my lawn, but I began to apply that three hours a week over 30 weeks a year.

So that $1,000 that I invested in getting someone to take care of that gave me several hundred more hours that year that I could apply to something productive. Maybe launching a product, maybe launching a business, maybe educating myself to make more money. In reality, mowing my lawn would have cost me millions of dollars.

There's things in your life that are potentially costing you and robbing you of your financial freedom as an entrepreneur. We've got to evaluate what's going on in all aspects of our life. Start just with two or three simple things and see what it would be like to get someone else or some other company or something to take care of that for you, but during that time you begin to really focus on applying yourself and growing and learning in expertise as an entrepreneur in what you're doing and look back a few years from now and say, you know what - those were the years that I learned how to do what I'm doing and really, if I wouldn't have started thinking differently, if I just kept my schedule full with menial tasks, I never would have had the time or forced myself to be able to make what I'm making today, and in this case what you're going to be able to make. So again, what is it costing you to mow your lawn?



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